by Wai Mei Wong,
Orca Book Publishers

"I'm still learning to love myself, but it's okay. I know I can always keep trying."
Even an ordinary day is full of little challenges, especially when you're a kid. Like when you're learning to ride a bike and you still need training wheels...so the other kids ride past you. Or when you jump in a mud puddle...but you fall in and get your pants wet. Luckily you can learn to be kind to yourself with a bit of practice.
In this sweet picture book we accompany a child through their day, from morning to bedtime, as their inner self—portrayed as a cuddly imaginary creature—supports them in their endeavors. Some are harder than others, but the positive message of the text highlights how you can love yourself through big feelings, try something different, say no, and so much more.
by Karen Krossing,
Owl Kids Books
Spring 2026
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